Efficiency, Visibility and Control Over Your Fleet and Services

Orcoda Transport and Logistics is built on SmartTrans' extensive history and knowledge of delivering logistic solutions that empower organisations to be market leaders in transport, field service and distribution of goods and services.

Our solutions incorporate all your operational and customer service rules and optimise your fleet schedule to ensure full operational and service-level compliance with maximum efficiency. Based on cloud SaaS architecture, Orcoda Transport and Logistics ensures all stakeholders, both internal and external, have visibility and control of their future schedules, have visibility and control of their future schedules with real-time views. Notifications of in-field progress are available when paired with our customised mobility solution.

Whether you deliver or pick up goods or offer services that require logistics, Orcoda Transport and Logistics can transform your operation by increasing efficiency, compliance, visibility and service levels, all while lowering your bottom line costs.

Scheduling & Planning

Adaptable to any type of logistics-based operation, including delivery and service operations, Orcoda Transport and Logistics provides schedulers with the flexibility to optimise fleets with compliant schedules at the push of a button, or to create manual schedules that are compliant by using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Our optimisation software can be tailored to your operation’s unique rules, KPIs and operational variables, which can all be factored into the daily plan for your business. The software can also issue notifications to staff to inform them of their daily plans.

Mobility & Visibility

Orcoda Transport and Logistics allows stakeholders to monitor the real-time progress of each schedule, order fulfilment status and worker location on a live map and to respond immediately to any exceptions. The Orcoda Transport and Logistics solution also provides immediate feedback to assist schedulers in adjusting their schedules for efficiency and identifying in real-time the impact of each decision on the bottom line.

Business Intelligence & Workflow

The automated workflow and notification engine enables the system to predict any future exceptions to business rules and schedules based on your current activity. Using the system’s real-time and long-range reporting and analysis tools, your organisation can optimise its fleet and movements based on accurate and up-to-date information generated in-field.