Integrate People, Places and Process In One Supply-Chain

Orcoda Resource Logistics offers best-in-class service and technology to manage people, places and process on complex resources projects for which visibility and control over the whole work team and assets are critical to safety and success.

Orcoda’s solutions have been built on the back of some of Australia’s largest workforce-intensive projects. Our expertise extends across all phases of delivery, from early works through to construction, operation. maintenance and shutdown. We bring together a combination of management, contracting experience and technology to simplify the complexity of mass workforce deployments.

Our approach is to integrate the Orcoda solution into your existing systems rather than replacing them. This ensures that we can centralise all information in one place to give you complete visibility at all stages, including onboarding, mobilisation and worksite movements. The results are reduced costs, reduced risk and increased productivity for your project.

Learn how our Resources solution can save your corporate team time and increase worker visibility.

Learn how our Resources solution creates efficiencies at the project level.


Our expert management team can provide an outsourced solution that works in your office and caters to the many and evolving needs of your projects. We can design and improve key project processes through our specialist supply-chain knowledge, helping save you money and time across all areas.

Our approach is to ensure everyone in the supply chain receives accurate and relevant information, with any updates immediately communicated through to managers and workers. Key stakeholders have visibility and control over workers at all stages of onboarding, mobilisation and worksite movements. Orcoda specialists can work with your senior management team, empowering them to make fast, accurate and cost-saving decisions, while also ensuring compliance with company policies.


We can procure and manage the service providers required to facilitate every stage of your project.

Platform & Integration

Orcoda specialises in connecting all personnel and suppliers into one continuous supply chain and can digitally connect systems and data from all your suppliers and contractors to create a seamless, end-to-end process.

Our in-house development team can integrate your existing systems into our digital platform, without the need to replace them. The result is a streamlined single source of truth, allowing you to manage and control your entire workforce, subcontractors and suppliers using real-time information.